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Planning To Move To A New Home

12 Dec
Noah Olatoye December 12, 2020 0

If you have ever tried moving to a new home/apartment no matter the location, you can understand the headache and stress that comes with it. The thoughts of packing, booking with a moving company, then moving the items into the vehicle and off the vehicle at your new home, then finally unpacking can make you tired even without lifting a finger. The good news is that you can avoid such stress, whether this is your first time moving or not when you take note of these 7 steps.

1. Book a moving date

The first and basic thing to do is to fix a date for moving. This will help your planning greatly, especially when you have to inform your friends and family about your moving. Fixing this date on a weekend is always ideal for you if you work 9-5 on weekdays. Moreso, traffic is usually less on weekends because most people use the weekend to rest from the busy week.

2. Purchase your moving products

Getting your moving products and supplies in advance will also go a long way in easing the burden of moving to your new home. Among other things that you must purchase, these are important; boxes of various sizes, tapes, scissors, box cutters, sticker labels (if you aren’t using masking tape), coloured markers or coloured stickers for room colour coding, packing material, such as packing paper, gloves to protect your hands while moving and ropes to keep boxes and furniture in place. A last-minute purchase of these items is not advisable, interestingly, you can purchase them online and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

3. Packing Day Activities

Due to the technicalities involved in moving your belongings, ensure you pack earlier than your moving date. Packing two days before is ideal. Packing room by room will really help your unpacking process. Clothes should be packed in large boxes. Heavy items such as books and wares should be packed in medium boxes and should be arranged at the bottom, while lighter items come at the top. Bubble wrap fragile items to prevent them from damage during movement. Sometimes, taking pictures of your electronic gadgets before dismantling them can help you fix them back correctly. Remember to keep screws in a small pack. Do well not to overload boxes or leave empty spaces in them. For more information about how to move items in your kitchen, like the refrigerator or washing machine etc, click here. You could find some unnecessary belongings while packing which you can either dispose of, donate or sell.

4. Colour Coding and Labelling

Now that you have packed your belongings room by room, the next step will be to label and code the boxes according to the items inside them and the room they belong for easy unpacking. So each room will have its colour. At your new home, each door should carry a corresponding colour code so when boxes are moved, they are put in the right places.

5. Book moving truck or van

Waiting till your moving day before booking a truck can come with different disappointments due to the short notice, you might have to pay a premium. This is why you should always book ahead of time. If you are unsure about the size of the truck that you might need, there are professional movers you can find online.

6. Moving Day Checklist

It is good to have a checklist of all the items you are moving so you can be sure everything you packed was moved to your new home and nothing was lost. Having as many friends and relatives around to help move your belongings is not a bad idea because you will be needing as much help as possible. Ensure to start moving early on your appointed day, so you can finish with the moving in one day.

7. Feeding Provision

Moving could take the whole day off you and your family and leave you no time to prepare a meal, so make provision for feeding either during the moving process or immediately after so you and everyone helping with the moving can get replenished strength.

We believe that these 7 steps will help your preparations as you plan to move into your new home. Leave a comment below.

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