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Planning To Move To A New Home

12 Dec

The thoughts of packing, booking with a moving company, then moving the items into the vehicle and off the vehicle at your new home, then finally unpacking can make you tired even without lifting a finger. The good news is that you can avoid such stress, whether this is your first time moving or not when you take note of these 7 steps.


15 May

HOME MAINTENANCE TIPS A home is one of the most valuable possessions one can have. For you to enjoy your house for the longest time in its best shape, maintenance is extremely essential. Maintenance can come in different forms. Ranging from small tasks like sweeping and cleaning or changing a light bulb to bigger tasks like changing the floor tiles….


23 Apr

STRESS MANAGEMENT Changes that occur usually brings stress as a by-product. These changes can cause enough trauma to constitute a crisis which then makes stress levels difficult to manage. Thankfully, there are many simple practices you can implement into your everyday life to manage your stress level so it doesn’t become a burden. Read on to get stress management tips:…


17 Apr

LIFE MADE EASY WITH REFin HOMES Do i buy the land first or get an architect to design my dream home? What’s the actual measurement of a plot? How many bags of cement will i need? Where are roofing sheets sold? Will the money I have saved complete the project? When you finally decide to take the bold step of…


09 Apr

INVESTMENT THAT PAYS Looking to make that move to invest in real estate but not really sure if it’s the right move? We understand. That’s why we have compiled some reasons why investing in real estate is a smart business move. With other investments like stock, fixed income instruments or even a new car, you can be left with little…


06 Apr

THE SMART MOVE For every Nigerian, owning a home is the crowning glory of our achievements. That’s not the case in reality. These days owning a home in this economy seems to be like a herculean task if not downright impossible. To win the war against everyday bills and the ever increasing cost of living, you need a partner that…



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