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6 Things To Know Before Investing In Real Estate

03 Mar
Collins Okere March 3, 2021 0

Real estate investment, just like any other business, has many risks associated with it. Your question might be, “what is the most important thing to look out for when venturing into it.” While many factors can affect the outcome of real estate investment across different locations, having a good grasp of these points will go a long way in helping your decision-making process, especially as a first-time investor.

1. Don’t put emotions first

Many first-time investors are usually carried away with the euphoria of buying a property for the first time and tend not to be critical about their decisions. When it comes to buying a property that will continually yield monthly or annual revenue for you, you need to dissociate your feelings from the decision of buying the property. This is purely a business transaction where you are out to make a profit, so the lower the property’s price, the better your chance of making a higher profit.

2. Conduct proper research

There is absolutely nothing like doing your research yourself. Real estate investment is capital intensive, so you need to be sure about the investment you want to make. Your research should precede buying the property. You need to be clear about your target market and if the property’s location is in a developing area because this will affect the property’s price in the future. It is advisable to aim for somewhere desirable with high tourism rates, somewhere in the middle of a development push, and somewhere with a good track record when it comes to property increasing in value

3. Type of property

The type of property you are buying can go a long way in determining whether you are going to make good returns from this investment or not. Questions like the condition of the property, size of the property, high-end or low-end, luxury versus non-luxury, should be what comes to mind. Luxury properties are always a good bet as they tend to provide more security with exclusivity that makes them less prone to market fluctuations than other property types. New constructions usually offer attractive pricing, options to customize, and modern amenities. The risks involved include increased costs and the unknowns of a newly developed neighborhood. While on the other hand, existing properties offer convenience, faster access, established improvements (utilities, landscaping, etc.), and in some cases, lower costs.

4. Long term investment vs. short term investment

You need to determine upfront if you are investing for the long term or the short term. Your real estate investment will help you make this decision. Long-term investments involve getting your returns from the property slowly, while short-term means you are interested in getting your returns as soon as possible. Either way, the risks involved in choosing either of them differ. If you’re going for the short-term option, you will be looking at buy-to-sell and fix-and-flip opportunities; though these provide the chance for higher returns, they can also involve higher risk. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for long-term gains, then investing in rental properties will be ideal, especially if you can find an opportunity to invest in a luxury rental property situated in a high-end location. Long-term investment strategies are usually designed to amass returns over a period of years gradually; it’s a lower-risk strategy aiming for stability and steady build-up.

5. Carefully choose your partners

First-time investors need to carefully consider many factors while choosing partners, such as how comfortable you are with them and the implications of a partnership agreement. Like every other business, investing in real estate can go either way: You could earn a good chunk of money, or it might turn into a disastrous experience. If you follow smart tips and play it safe from the start, you will surely be on the winning side.

6. Be open to diversification

When investing in real estate, you should always be open to diversifying into other properties; it is not advisable to put all your money into one property. Spreading your money across several properties helps reduce risks and increase return potentials since they will no longer depend on the success or failure of a property.

Real estate investment can be profitable when done the right way. If you doubt where to start as a first-time investor or need to make professional consultation, you can always reach us by sending an email to contactus@refinhomes.com.

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